Full-time • Remote (+/-2 hours from North American Timezones) • Mid-level experience

What to expect

🥞 Our stack → Node, Typescript, Postgres, React, GraphQL.

👋 Week one → Hit the ground running. Our 5 person engineering team is small, busy, and excited to work with someone they can trust to get the job done. Our primary goals in that first week are for you to feel comfortable with our stack, introduced to the team, and ready to start streamlining our code release cycle.

You'll work closely with the rest of the team, and they'll trust that what you're building is following industry best practices, easy to use, and scalable.

🌱 Month one → We're in the process of rebuilding our product and migrating to 2.0. We'll need your help building packages that our end-users will integrate into their applications, and contributing to the overall scalability of Memberstack. Other projects range from contributing to our pre-built UI templates, payments infrastructure, authentication, and more!

🌳 Long term → This role will never go away! We don't expect you to stay forever, but we'd love if you did. We're in this for the long haul, and we're here to support your goals.

About this role and why it's critical

Memberstack's current version of the application is built on Webflow (front-end), Node, Express, and Mongo (backend). With a scrappy MVP, we've been able to scale to 2,000+ customers who have made over $20M in revenue using Memberstack.

Now that our value proposition has been validated, it is time to level up our product to get it in the hands of even more people. You will be responsible for building functionality for thousands of customers and potentially millions of end-users.

As a core member of a small team, you will be trusted to help ensure the long-term success of this new product through a commitment to craftsmanship — that is to say a dedication to raising the bar on code quality and end-user experience.

Does this sound like you?