Member management

Memberstack Admin API allows you to verify webhooks, JWT tokens and CRUD methods on Members.

For additional functionality check out our DOM Package and React Package

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Getting Started



Getting Started


The Memberstack Admin API uses secret keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your API keys in the Memberstack dashboard.

Test mode (sandbox) secret keys have the prefix **sk_sb_** and live mode secret keys have the prefix sk_live_.

<aside> ⌛ Rate Limits → 25 requests per second. If this limit becomes a blocker please contact support to increase it.


<aside> 🔥 Warning: Your Secret keys carry administrative privileges, so keep them secure and use in server-side environments only! Do not use your secret keys in publicly accessible places like Webflow, GitHub or client-side code.


Initializing Memberstack in Node.js

Install the Memberstack Admin package from the npm public registry, or yarn.

npm install @memberstack/admin
yarn add @memberstack/admin

After the package has been installed successfully, you can initialize Memberstack by passing in your secret key to the init method.

import memberstackAdmin from "@memberstack/admin";

const memberstack = memberstackAdmin.init("sk_...")

Memberstack REST API

Base URL: